Partners for Transformation

Our mission is to support social mobility by strengthening mission-focused colleges and universities that primarily serve low-income, first generation, and under-resourced students and families.

About Us

Developing Deep Partnerships with Key Institutions

By developing deep partnerships with key institutions and encouraging collaboration on shared services, we create a network effect where a single HBCU’s success yields collective benefits for many.

Ed Advancement solutions and resources will increase enrollment, graduation rates and student outcomes that will strengthen HBCUs and create greater equity and economic benefits for their students.

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Year One Momentum

HBCUs Committed

Both public and private committed to our efforts as of December 2021

Projects Launched

With the inaugural 8 HBCU's and our initial 8 service providers

Shared Services

Developed to scale for the larger network

HBCU Students

HBCU students served by our partners (nearly 1/3 of all HBCU current undergraduates)


We partner with organizations that share our commitment to improve equity in education and facilitate social mobility.

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