Developing deep partnerships with HBCUs

By developing deep partnerships with institutions and encouraging collaboration on shared services, we create a network effect where a single HBCU’s success yields collective benefits for many.

Partners For Transformation

We work closely with HBCUs on a multi-year basis to achieve aspirational student and institutional outcomes that will yield significant gains in social mobility.

Network Solutions

With an inclusive design approach, we develop critical infrastructure advancements for a network of HBCUs. With Ed Advancement's expertise and scale economics, we are able to fill gaps that HBCUs have not been able to prioritize given their resource constraints.

Knowledge Sharing

We develop resources, such as playbooks and toolkits, that document successful practices of HBCU partners for the advantage of all HBCUs and the students that they serve. Currently Ed Advancement has approximately a dozen tools already developed for HBCUs. These tools will be leveraged for playbooks, webinars and convenings.


Ed Advancement solutions and resources will increase enrollment, graduation rates and student outcomes that will strengthen HBCUs and create greater equity and economic benefits for their students.

University Partners