How HBCUs are navigating the recent influx of cash and students – Forbes

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An excerpt from article written by Marybeth Gasman

ForbesIn the past couple years, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have experienced an unprecedented influx of private and federal funding, while at the same time seeing an increase in student enrollment. While change is good news after decades of systemic underfunding, some HBCUs are seeking support to effectively manage the increased attention, and the resulting innovative ideas bubbling up on HBCU campuses. To manage the positive change and to ensure that the current robust period is not a blip, a small cohort of HBCUs have come together with the Partnership for Education Advancement (Ed Advancement) to implement significant infrastructure improvements so that more students have access to the HBCU experience in the future.

The HBCU cohort is introducing large-scale operational changes and upgrades to their technology to begin to catch up to their Predominantly White Institution (PWI) counterparts in areas such as recruitment, enrollment, student success, and fundraising.

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